Serve or Observe

When you are feeling anxious, worried or miserable, you have two courses of action. You can either serve or observe your mood.

If you choose to serve your mood, then you feel just as your mood dictates.  If you are miserable, you feel terrible about being miserable. You imagine that you will likely be miserable forever. You come up with reason after reason to feed your misery.  Your misery, so faithfully served, will remain and continually return to take advantage of your gracious hospitality.

If you choose to observe your mood, you just notice how you are feeling. If you find yourself feeling miserable, you observe your misery. You breathe in and out and see how your misery responds. You remind yourself that the misery is a feeling. It is no reflection of who you are, who you have been or who you will become. You imagine things that might help lift your misery, like calling a friend, going for a walk, or writing a poem.  Then you see how your misery responds to your activity.  As you observe your mood, understanding that it is only a mood and nothing more, your mood will move on, making room for fresh thoughts and feelings.

If you see your moods as reflections of how things are, you will likely find yourself serving them. If you are feeling anxious, or scared, you will find yourself prone to anger and you will take your mood out on others.  If you see your moods as clouds passing through the sky, you can observe them, see what they look and feel like, then watch the sun peek out behind them.


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