Size Matters

Because we have a hard time finding compassion for an ant, that doesn’t mean that the universe cannot have compassion for us.

We cannot think that we don’t matter just because we are small. We are matter. We matter. That’s what we do. If we think that the world is indifferent to us because we are only one of billions of people, that does not make it so. That is just crazy math.

The only way that the universe can show compassion to us is through us. The only way that we can feel the compassion is to accept it.  We can notice the universe’s compassion through our grandmothers and mothers and fathers and friends, but we tend to attribute that compassion to those individuals. How else is the universe expected to show us that we matter?

The universe provides us with mountains, oceans, volcanoes, butterflies, sunsets and moonlight. That can all feel cold and indifferent if we feel like we don’t matter. Even surrounded by all of the universe’s grandeur, we don’t feel embraced until we get a hug. We can imagine the stars, and the quarks, but it takes something roughly our own size to show us how precious we are. The universe cares. The world cares. People love you. Take the love where you can find it. It’s huge and all for you.


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