So Logically…

Buddha tried all kinds of spiritual tricks before he experienced enlightenment. Once he experienced what he experienced he knew that the experience was possible for everybody, so he set about trying to teach everybody how to have that experience. That was 2500 years ago. In human time, we are slow learners.

Now that Buddha experience, that dawning of awareness, that opening of the mind’s eye, that suffering to end all suffering, that awakening was accomplished by just sitting there, watching, not knowing what to expect. However, once he experienced that, he knew that he knew what he knew. He knew that he had something to teach. He knew that his experience could not be passed through logic alone. It was beyond logic.

However, because Buddha was able to see this and teach the way beyond logic for others to see it, and because others have seen it, in all kinds of spiritual and intellectual endeavors, that demonstrates that it is there to be seen. Spiritual seekers, philosophers, random awakeners, have seen it in the East, West, North and South. It is one of the experiences that is common and available to everybody.

To use logic to go beyond logic is tricky. However, logic can still point the way. If there is a way to end all of your suffering simply by changing how you think, then logic will tell you that suffering is a matter of thinking. You are already essentially enlightened, just like the Buddha. What do you think about that?


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