So Wrong, So Right

When things seem their worst, they are also fine. We have all kinds of ideas about how life should be. We have big plans for our lives, families and careers and little plans for our days and hours.  We make these plans according to our ideas about how life should be. As we diligently make our plans for how our days, weeks, months and years will go, life happens. Things don’t go according to our plans. When things go wildly off plan we think things are awful. When things happen that we didn’t plan for, we think things are awful. These can be little things, like skinning our knee, or big things like loosing a job.  Whatever happens to us that seems so wrong, is also so right.

Just because it is so right, doesn’t mean that it isn’t painful. Thinking that things are right and wrong is how we label our circumstances. Circumstances remain how they are whether we think that they are good or bad or right or wrong. When we think things are so wrong, we may get stuck feeling awful if we don’t remember that they are also so right.

Calling things right is medicine for thinking that they are wrong. It can help us accept circumstances as they are rather than turning away from them because they hurt. Life will give us comedy and tragedy. We have to take both as they come.  When we are able to change our plans as circumstances change and right our wrongs with our minds, we can do anything.


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