Spiritual Envy

If you have ever listened to, or read, the words of a spiritual teacher and wished that you were able to understand life the way that person does, then you have experienced spiritual envy.  Spiritual envy is the same as any other kind of envy, where it seems to you that another person has something that you lack. The feeling of envy is the same, but unlike envying a friend’s new shoes, which you don’t have, with spiritual envy, you actually have everything that the spiritual teacher has. You share the same spirit.

If you have a sense of spirituality that allows you to be inspired by spiritual teachers, then you have all the spirituality you need. That inspiration is you being in touch with your spirit. Feeling envy about the spiritual capabilities of the person who inspired you is overlooking the fact that the inspiration was in you. The teacher only evoked it, like a Parisian tour guide points out the Eiffel Tower.

If you ever notice yourself feeling spiritual envy, wishing that you could be enlightened like the Dalai Lama, remember, at that moment, you are filled with spirituality. Enjoy your enlightenment.


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