Spiritual Living

To live a spiritual life, you live a spiritual life. Spirituality fills your whole life, not just the spiritual parts of your life.  If you have a glass of water, you have a whole glass of water.  Your water does not become cranberry juice, then water again when it suits it. This is why when you sit in meditation, you are one way and when you sit in traffic, you are the same. You may think that when you meditate you are spiritual and when you go to work, you are different. If you are spiritual, you are spiritual at home, at play and at work.

There is no difference in you as you dance under the full moon, or get up and go to your classes. There is no difference between you when you sit in meditation, when you do the dishes, or when you watch a movie. You may want to speed through doing the dishes so that you can watch your movie. Then, when you finish watching the movie, you may decide that you’ll skip meditation because you are too tired. Each of these activities is just as spiritual as the next, you don’t need to rush through anything, to get to anything else. If you skip meditation, the movie, or the dishes, you are no more or less spiritual.

If you notice yourself rushing through something to get to something else, you can slow down and focus on what you are doing.  If you think that somethings that you do are spiritual and other things that you do are not, then you are limiting your spirit. The times you want to rush through are excellent opportunities for spiritual growth. Give yourself time to do what you are doing. That is where you live. That is where you live spiritually.


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