Spiritual Quest

There is not much difference between the physical and spiritual worlds. There is no difference.  This is why it is funny to go off on a spiritual quest. What are you going to do on your spiritual quest? You will eat, sleep, breathe, walk, sit and do whatever it is that you do now. To live a spiritual life, you don’t need to be spacey or blissful or travel the world, you just need to be aware and be yourself.

If your life is full of pain and suffering, you may want to make some radical changes in the ways you act and present yourself.  Let it be known that you have decided to live a spiritual life. That frees you to be someone that is more comfortable for you to be. It’s like being in a play. Play a character who is committed to being authentic. Eventually it won’t be an act and you will just be authentic. That is very spiritual.

As you become more authentic, don’t judge others for being less authentic, or following the crowd. Don’t judge yourself for doing the stuff that you like that doesn’t seem so spiritual. Don’t judge yourself for not ending your suffering overnight, these things take time.

Also, if you’re not ready to make drastic, visible changes, you can start the quest in your mind. You can just pay close attention to your thoughts and moods. You can spend a few minutes a day in quiet contemplation. You can try to maintain your current behavior  as long as you can, but if your thoughts change, everything will change.


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