Stinking of Zen

Zen should be seamless. It should add nothing to your experience. If you are having a wonderful moment and you think, this is so Zen, that thought gets in the way of the moment, it stinks of Zen.  This is a hazard for somebody undertaking a Zen practice. Seeing the world in relation to Zen is the same as seeing the world with regular delusions. Zen becomes just another idea imposed on experience.  If you follow a Zen path, you may find your personal transformation so amazing that you walk around with an air of serenity. Although that serenity is delightful, thinking, I am so serene now, stinks of Zen.

Zen should disappear. If you sit in meditation, you just sit. As you sit you will experience all kinds of interesting experiences. If these experiences distract you from your focus and you start to think about what is happening to you rather than what is happening, you go back to your point of focus. When you forget yourself, that is Zen. When you think of Zen, that is not Zen.

If anything stinks of Zen, this post stinks of Zen. The best thing about stinking of Zen is that it doesn’t really smell bad. It is just an idea. Noticing when ideas carry you away from the present moment is an experience. That is Zen. If you notice you stink of Zen, sniff, smell, be.


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