Strength of Surrender

When we are faced with difficult emotions, we sometimes try to be strong and contain ourselves. We believe that it is weak to let our emotions out and strong to keep them in. We may feel that way with sadness. With anger, it is the opposite. When we let our anger out we may feel or or think we’re strong, even if we are raging lunatics.

The release of anger can be the result of trying to hold in sadness or hurt. If we have the strength to feel our sadness and our hurt, that is true strength. That kind of strength can allow our feelings to pass without causing additional problems like worrying that we are weak or falling into rages.

Strength is dealing with the world as it is and finding peace, love and compassion despite difficult circumstances. It takes amazing strength to surrender your armor and expose your tender heart to the world. That kind of strength will bring you freedom.


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