Suffering and Compassion

Without suffering there is no compassion. Without compassion there is no suffering. It seems like suffering would lead to compassion because one person suffers and another feels compassion for them, but compassion happens faster than that. The instant you feel suffering, you also feel compassion. When you feel compassion you suffer. They come in a set.

The suffering of compassion is welcome suffering, although it does not exist without the unwelcome suffering that comes with it. Compassion is there to soothe suffering. That moment you feel suffering, that why me? you think is compassion. If you stub your toe, that hopping up and down and swearing is compassion.

Knowing that compassion comes with suffering can go a long way to ease your suffering. If you focus on the compassion, which is your gut instinct telling you that you don’t deserve to suffer, then your ability to see compassion will grow. As your compassion grows, your suffering diminishes. When you consistently practice finding compassion, you will have plenty to share. That compassion will soothe suffering all around you.


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