Sunsets and Hurricanes

Nature is always in a state of peace. There is peace in a raging hurricane and peace in a lazy summer sunset. For people, it is much easier to feel the peace in the sunset, because it doesn’t do any property damage. From a physics point of view, there is far more energy in a sunset than a hurricane. The Sun is busy warming the Earth, providing all that energy for the hurricane, but we are 93 million miles away from the sun so we can notice the peace of the beautiful sunset. With moods, we are generally right in the middle of them, so they can feel more like hurricanes than sunsets.

Every day brings you through a range of moods. Your range may fluxuate in a happy zone, anxious zone, angry zone, sad zone, or it may move back and forth between all these zones. Sometimes your moods may have the energy of a hurricane and sometimes they may have the energy of a sunset. When living with your changing moods, it is helpful to get some distance so you can find the peace and limit the property damage.

You don’t need to be a million miles away from your moods, only a fraction of an inch, or a split second. That is enough space or time for some peace to slip in. Whenever you feel like you are caught in a hurricane, take a breath and give yourself some space. Reflect on your moods of the past few hours. Imagine your moods in the hours ahead. Then, return to the present and be in the mood you are feeling. That is your hurricane shelter. From there you can watch the clouds pass and remain alert for the powerful, peaceful energy of the sunset.


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