Taking Control

There are two ways to look at emotions. One is that they are automatic responses to life events. The other is that they are habitual responses to life events. In some ways, both are true. However, how you look at your emotions, will determine how you approach life.

If you believe that emotions are automatic responses to circumstances, then you will spend your life trying to create the perfect circumstances so that you experience as many positive emotions as possible.

If you believe that your emotions are habitual responses to circumstances, then you don’t have to only work on your circumstances, you can also work on your emotional habits. Believing this gives you a lot more control over the quality of your life.

If you believe that you can learn to choose emotional responses, then the rest of your life is practice. Good and bad events are equally good opportunities to practice.

If you believe that emotions are automatic, then you are at the mercy of your circumstances.

Emotions come and go. If there are things you can do to invite some in and let others out, then you have some control. If you think your emotions are automatic, you may never take control. What do you think?


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