Tea Party

If your fundamental Self of selves, your most basic nature, is the entire universe, including its awareness of itself, then your regular life is an illusion, a game of make believe, like a child’s tea party. In order to live your life, you buy into that game with your soul.

Imagine you are a parent joining your child for a tea party. Your child, focused on the matter at hand, pretends to pour you a cup of tea. You sit at the little table with your child’s stuffed bear and favorite doll and daintily sip a cup of air with your pinky extended. As a parent, you are thinking of other, more important, things you need to do, but there is nothing more important you could possibly do. Those more important things are the illusion. You joined the tea party filled with love and compassion for your child.  The tea party real. 

When you suspect that your Self may be something other than a body trying to sustain itself in comfort and prestige, you still have to live among others in the illusion. All you can do is dress up in your fanciest hat, sit with the delightful company and enjoy the most delicious tea you can imagine.


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