Thank You

Tonight I took another step in my Zen practice. I attended a transmission ceremony where, along with my Dharma brothers and sisters, I was recognized as a Zen Master. My Zen Master name is Bub-In, which is Korean for Dharma Seal. Roughly translated from Buddhism, it means the Truth. 

My Zen practice includes meditation and writing compassionate and hopefully helpful words to encourage people to first deal with their suffering and then to transcend it. The tumblr/Facebook community/Sangha has helped me connect with compassion and continually examine and test the Truth. I am grateful to everybody who has encouraged and participated in my practice by reading, liking, reblogging, following and messaging me. Zenmister is an integral part of my practice and I wanted to share my experience, thank  and appreciate all of my brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, in this great, global Sangha/community.

It takes all of us to transcend suffering. Thanks for your help.


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