That’s Just Suffering

It is completely natural to suffer. Everybody suffers. Everybody suffers several times a day. From the instant that you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, through the bumps and bruises of the day, to the time you get back in bed and try to get to sleep, there are a million opportunities to suffer. It can be too hot, too cold, too tired, too hungry, too much, too little, too bad. There are injustices, lack of appreciation, rudeness, stupidity, cruelty, all of these things you encounter in your everyday life cause you to suffer. Getting past the suffering is not about finding ways around the suffering, it is about finding joy in living, despite the suffering.

If you think for a moment that there is a way to avoid the suffering, you get caught in the suffering. The only effective way to avoid suffering, is to be ok with suffering. You don’t need to be ok with the particular circumstances that are causing your current suffering. You can always take action to change your circumstances. As you practice noticing suffering and changing circumstances, you will change your relationship with your suffering. When you notice yourself suffering, as you will, you will also know that life is still amazing, even with all the suffering.

In order to live with suffering, work with your mind, body and circumstances. You currently have the perfect circumstances to learn to transform suffering. Even if your circumstances were more pleasantly perfect, there would still be suffering. With your mind and body, you can transform that suffering too. That’s just suffering. You can handle it.


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