The Big Deal

You are a big deal.  There really is no bigger deal than you. If you think that there is a bigger deal than you, then you are not paying attention. If you think that you are a little deal, that you don’t matter, that means that you are such a big deal that you can’t see past yourself. How could you not matter? What is the world without you? The world doesn’t even exist without you. That’s how big a deal you are.

You are such a big deal that everything that happens in the world affects you. When people look at you, it affects you. When people ignore you, it affects you. The tiny little thoughts that flit through your head affect you. Those thoughts can change the world from sad to happy. You are such a big deal that the sun affects you. The moon affects you. How could this universe have such an impact on you if you weren’t such a big deal? You’re a big deal.

What’s the big deal about being a big deal? It just seems like something you should know, no big deal.


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