The Blind Date

The Ego and the Egoless went out on a blind date.

Said the Ego to the Egoless. “I see you see I’m great”.

The Ego spoke of all the things that made the Ego proud

And pointed out the special times it stood out from the crowd.

The Ego also toed the line of social grace and style.

It ordered food and drink to please the palate with a smile.

The Egoless enjoyed the show, the games the Ego played.

Observing all attentively, the tales told and traits displayed.

The Ego faced the Egoless and began to scramble madly.

The face of endless happiness switched to feeling sadly.

The Ego wept and wondered why it’s been so misunderstood.

The Egoless again observed, assuring all was good.

“Ego you’re impressive, I can see that you are great.

“I see that we were meant to be. Thank you for this half blind date”.

The Ego, in meeting the Egoless, just suspected what had started,

So the Ego arranged for a second blind date, said goodbye and then departed.


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