The Demands of Life

Sometimes the demands of life can be overwhelming. Life demands that we be a certain way. When we are not that way, the demands seem unfair. When life’s demands seem impossible to meet, we can turn the tables on those demands. We can make demands of life’s demands. We can demand to know what is making those demands of us.

Life is not demanding. We are demanding of life and of ourselves. Birds don’t get up in the morning and curse the fact that they need to sing and get worms. They get up, sing and get worms. Life mostly demands that we get up, get worms and sing. All of the extra demands have to do with the style we bring to life’s demands.

We trouble ourselves endlessly with what kind of worms we get. We trouble ourselves with where we eat those worms, with where we’ll find the next worm. We worry about what worms the people around us are getting. Then we have to sing. We have an endless variety of songs to sing. We want to sing perfectly. We want people to love our song. We want people to love us for our song, so we put a lot of demands on our song.

When life becomes too demanding, fly away. Have a worm, sing a song. That’s all that life demands of you. The rest are your demands. If you are feeling the pressure of demands, do what you need to do. Tweet, tweet, slurp, chirp chirp, chireeee.


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