The Importance of Basic Goodness

The reason that it is important to understand your fundamental goodness is that some people don’t. Many people don’t believe that they are good enough. When we don’t believe in our innate goodness, we waste a lot of energy trying to decide if we are good or not. That wasted energy leads to all kinds of problems from depression to world wars.

On a personal level, understanding our basic goodness protects us from insults and insecurities. It allows us to be who we are and be comfortable with that. When we understand that we are good and we let our lives flow from that goodness, we think good thoughts and do good things. Then other people can easily recognize our goodness too. That feels good.

When we understand our own basic goodness, we can also recognize it in others. We can see how people’s misperceptions cause them to suffer. Because we understand, we want to help. Whenever you have the feeling that you want to help another person, that is further proof of your basic goodness. When you have the desire to hurt another person, that is proof of your confusion. When another person hurts you, that is proof of their confusion.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion in the world. That is why it is important to remember your basic goodness. It is always with you. Whenever you can recognize it, you are less confused. Understanding your basic goodness allows you to put judgements aside and work on your life goals. When your goals come from your goodness, you achieve greatness.


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