The Mystery of Misery

There are many helpful suggestions for how to get rid of misery in general, but what is it that causes your particular brand of misery? If you are prone to misery, this is something you should look into. In looking into the cause of your misery you should look beyond the surface of your misery.

The surface of misery is your life circumstance. Misery is not caused by your circumstance, but it often seems like whatever is happening is making you miserable. If you think that your life circumstance is what is making you miserable then you can imagine walking away from your life, or trading your life for somebody else’s. You can imagine that there are many people who would like to upgrade to your life.  They can’t see a cause for misery in your circumstances. You too, have to look beyond your circumstances.

You can look to your sense of self for the cause of misery. If you think that there is something wrong with you that makes you feel miserable, then that thought could be explored further. That kind of thinking could be causing your misery. Not that there is something actually wrong with you, but in thinking it, it becomes so. If you think there is something wrong with you, then imagine becoming somebody else. What would happen to you? How could you experience life as somebody else? You couldn’t, it would be them experiencing life. There is nothing wrong with you, you simply experience life. You have to look beyond your self.

To see the cause of your misery, you have to look at your misery. Your misery is not your circumstance and it is not your self. It is a teaching cloud of pain. Every time you encounter it, you have to question its source. If you constantly remind yourself that your circumstance is manageable and your Self is particularly, peculiarly wonderful, then your misery becomes a mystery. You don’t need to solve the mystery, you only need to gather clues. The exploration of the mystery can go a long way toward taking the edge off the misery.


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