The Power of Patience

Patience is the ability to rest comfortably in the present moment. When you develop this ability, you are set for life.

Developing patience takes practice. Being patient is not a passive process, except when it happens naturally. When we are content, we are naturally patient. When we find ourself slipping into discontent, then we actively practice patience. We can practice patience anytime and anywhere. We can practice with our friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or by ourself. There is always a present moment there for us to practice finding contentment.

Time is steady in that it constantly comes and goes. Before it comes we can anticipate it with excitement or dread. Once it passes we can remember it with fondness or regret. When it is here, we live it. Patience is the practice of reserving judgement in that present moment and observing what is happening. When we are waiting for something with excitement, being patient is savoring that anticipation, having faith that that event will happen in its time. When we are anticipating something with dread, practicing patience is feeling the fear while understanding that what we fear is not actually happening, that it may not happen the way we imagine it and knowing that we will be fine however it unfolds. We will be fine because we know how to practice patience.

Patience is not just waiting around for something. That is living in the future. Patience is being where we are. If things are not how we want them to be, we practice patience and do what we can with our time to build contentment. When others are behaving in ways that distress us, we practice patience with them. If they are not being patient, we practice patience for them. If we are the ones feeling uncomfortable, we practice patience with ourselves. We observe our situation, observe our feelings, reserve our judgement and be patient. Contentment will come in its time, because we create it. Patience.


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