The Real World

If you don’t believe the Buddhist idea that your experience of life is a like a dream, then you must believe that the world that you experience is the real world. If life is just as you think it is, then there is not much room left for mystery. If you don’t believe in the idea of delusion, then the world can be a scary place. If you don’t think that your state of mind frames your experience, then there is little you can do about your fear except hope you survive whatever it is that is scaring you.

From a Buddhist perspective it is natural not to believe in delusion, that is delusion. A Buddhist who understands delusion will feel great compassion for you if they see that you are scared of what you think is the real world. It is the compassion of a parent turning on a light to keep the monsters away. The monsters live in a child’s real world.

Great and immediate comfort comes from embracing the idea that you may be wrong about things. If you believe that, with a different state of mind, you could manage even your current situation, then you can begin to change your mind.

The world you experience is the real world. It just happens to contain delusion. It’s time to turn on the light.


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