The Royal Treatment

When you see anxiety for what it is, you can address it. You can greet your anxiety as thought it is a king arriving at your humble spa for a massage. When the king arrives in all his finery, you are in awe.  Although you are a brilliant massage therapist, you have never worked on royalty before, you are afraid that you are not worthy. You bow deeply to the king and show him to the massage room. You watch as the king removes his crown and you see his balding head. He then removes his cloak and you see the shape of his body.  He then removes his robe, and he is completely human.

The king lies down on your massage table and you can feel the tension in his neck and  shoulders. You breathe deeply as you massage his bare skin. With each part of his body you touch, his tension enters you though your fingers. The tension is boiled in your belly and released through your breath. Breathing deeply and slowly, you work your way down to the kings toes. When you are done, the king is asleep. You know the texture of his whole body, his muscle, fat and freckles. You are no longer in awe, you have a deep understanding of his humanity. You leave him to sleep.

When the king comes out all dressed again, you bow once more. Your bow is full of respect. The king gives you some gold, goes on his way, and as he leaves calls over his shoulder to tell you he’ll be back. You  know that you gave him an amazing massage, but you are not sure you can do it again. You can.

The king is your anxiety, his clothes are the story of your anxiety, such as your fear of failure or a sense of unworthiness. When you separate your feeling of anxiety from the story of your anxiety, you can feel the nuances of the experience.  You can use deep breathing to breathe your curiosity into the feeling, and be present as the feeling dissipates. When you have experienced this once, you are richer, but you will have to do it again and again, until your anxiety no longer rules you.


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