The Simple Truth

When life gets complicated, it’s best to keep it simple. The truth is the most simple thing there is. Everybody is always trying to tell you what the truth is and that can get confusing. You know the truth. You know what is right. You know how you feel about things. That is the truth.

As soon as you start wandering away from the truth, things start to get complicated. If you pretend to be something that you are not, you are complicating your life.  If you tell big or little fibs, you are adding to life’s complications. If you talk about people in ways that you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to them, you are tip-toeing around the truth. If you notice yourself in any of these situations, you are becoming aware of your dance with the truth.

The simple truth is what you see and hear. What you think may or may not be true. What you think can be influenced by what you want and fear.  The truth exists between what you perceive and what you think about it.

The truth is simple. You like people and people like you. You are a splendid creation. If that does not look like the truth to you, you must be complicating things with thinking.


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