The Spiritual Grind

The ordinary mind is the Buddha mind.  It is easy to be spiritual in a quiet room surrounded by crystals, chimes and Buddhas. It’s nice to let your spiritual side shine at yoga or with your sangha. If you are not a nun or monk, there is a lot more of your life to live.  How are you spiritual at work or school, or in the grocery store? Zen has an answer for that.

There is no difference between your busy body, daily grind self and your meditating self. The meditation is the relatively easy part of your day.  It’s just you, your breath and your focus.  As soon as you get off the cushion, the difficult work begins. That’s when you forget about your spirit and you just go about your day as you.

Practicing mindfulness, when you have other things on your mind, is difficult. All you can ever do is do what you are doing.  All you can ever think is what you are thinking. Adding awareness throughout your day uses the skills you practice in meditation, to appreciate the rest of your life. You don’t have to flaunt your spirituality, just know that it’s there. Know that you’re there, here.


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