The Story of Love

From our first glance at a television we are taught to seek love. Every princess must find her Prince Charming. True love is what we think of as love.  We believe in soul mates. We believe that there must be that one person for us somewhere out there.   As we come of age, we start finding ourselves having crushes on people, then falling in love with people. We meet new people and wonder, could this be the one? A lot of our youthful energy is consumed, wonderfully, in the pursuit of happiness through love. This is the story of love.  It is a limited story.

Love is certainly at work as we fall in love with each other and begin the mating dance. That kind of love is like spraying water by putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose.  Your thumb blocks the flow of water, so that what comes out, shoots out with gusto.  In order to have this single focus love, infatuation, obsession that falling in love is, we have to block our natural expression of love.  Even the hippies with their free love, still followed the story of love. The hippie free love only slightly opened the flow. All the problems of grasping, jealousy, competition, attraction and rejection still occurred in free love.

The important thing to notice about love is, when true love is present, it is expressed in kindness. Falling in love fills new lovers with fantastic emotional highs and lows. That intensity confuses itself with intense love, as in I love this person A LOT!!!!. Love does not vary in intensity, attachment does. Love is love is love.  If you love a person, you will treat them with kindness.  If somebody loves you, they should do the same. If you are in love and not being treated kindly, you are living the story of love.  True love is inside you, but we sometimes prefer the story, where we connect with love only through another person.


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