Thoughts, Words and Actions

When your life is in harmony, your thoughts, words and actions all align and work for you. You are able to speak your mind and act with kindness and compassion. When your life is out of harmony, your thoughts, words and actions contradict each other. If you find yourself telling lies, then your words don’t match your thoughts.  If you say you will do something that you won’t do, then your actions don’t match your words. People don’t know your thoughts, they see you as your words and actions.

Like your thoughts influence your words and actions, your actions and words influence your thoughts. When you interact with others, you can demonstrate kindness with words or actions, even if your thoughts are not so kind. Even if you have no kind words, you can be kind in your actions. If you practice kind  words and actions, kind thoughts will follow.

When you are in harmony, kindness flows naturally. If you feel out of harmony, pay close attention to your thoughts. Use your words to ease your thoughts. Use your actions to block destructive impulses. Your thoughts, words and actions are all important to your happiness. Watch them closely and let them work for you to create kindness in the world.


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