Throwing Out Your Mind

When your mind turns on you, you may need to throw it out and start again. When you feel like no matter what you do will not be good enough, when you know that you are exceptionally able, but doubt your abilities, when nothing you do seems worthwhile, you need to throw out your mind. If you think you may be losing your mind anyway, just throw it out.

When you come to an emotional and spiritual crisis point and begin to question what it is about you that is really you, your whole foundation seems unstable and it can be terrifying. From a normal, feeling good about life point of view, that is a horrible thing. From a spiritual awakening point of view, that is a wonderful thing. Deep suffering forces us to look deeply into ourselves and into our experience. It gives us a sense of suffering so that we can understand what others go through on a daily basis. When we approach our suffering with awareness, we learn how to bear it and learn from it. We learn to separate the suffering from the thoughts that accompany the suffering. We learn to develop compassion for suffering because we know intimately, acutely and painfully exactly how it feels.

The hard core Zen thing to do in this situation is to throw out your mind. Each morning when you wake up, fill a bowl with water and pour it down the sink. If that seems too ritualistic for you, you can do the same thing as you flush the toilet. That is your mind. That is your preconceived notions of what it is to be a success. That is your judgements that say you are on the wrong path. That is the life you always imagined for yourself turning into something never imagined. That is your fresh start.

Give yourself a fresh start everyday. Everyday you find new worries, imagine new problems, or forget about your untouchable pristine self. That is why, every day, you need to throw out your mind and greet the day with a fresh mind. See where it takes you.


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