Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. All of your problems exist in time. When you are feeling sad, scared, bored, anxious or in pain time becomes oppressive. A new day brings a continuation of your problems. A new day becomes another day of tasks and obligations, a series of chores to endure until you get to a better time. A better time will come and go and come again. Eventually your time will be done and you will die. That’s another problem.

Without time, you have no problems. If you are in pain, you can endure pain for this instant.  It is the prospect of the pain continuing that makes it so difficult. If you are scared, you are not scared about what is happening now, you are scared about what you think might happen. If you are alive now, death is not a possibility, death only comes in time.

Even a broken heart only hurts because of time.  In the past, you imagined a future that didn’t come to pass and that loss hurts. The pain multiplies when the hurt and rejection of the lost love are projected into a dismal future, where the comfort of a different love seems impossible. Without the past and the future, your heart is just fine.

Time is the process of everything changing. The past is done. The future is only potential. Now is the moment of action. When you accept the certainty of the past and the uncertainty of the future, you have no problems. You have thoughts, emotions, and choices. Your problems are a matter of time, not a matter of you. You are fine now.


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