True to You

Whatever you believe will determine how you experience life. How you determine what is true to you is largely based on who you trust. The most important person to trust is yourself. You are certainly not the only person who you can trust, but you are the most important. If you can’t trust yourself, you cannot trust your ability to trust anybody. You actually have no choice but to trust yourself. Even if you didn’t trust yourself, you would still influence yourself as you acquire and discard beliefs. You either believe or you don’t. You must trust yourself in order to figure out what is true to you.

What is true to you continually changes. The more you practice trusting yourself to find the truth, the easier it is to discard false beliefs and acquire more true beliefs. If you place too much trust in your beliefs, or in other people’s beliefs, then you will try to hold on to those beliefs even when you begin to suspect that they might be wrong. When you trust yourself more than your beliefs, then you are flexible in taking on and shaking off beliefs. Eventually, as you remain true to you, your beliefs will be flexible and you will be confident in them and yourself.

When you remain true to you, you can trust easily and well. Even if others betray your trust, you can remain unshaken with your truth intact. It’s your truth. Wear it wisely.


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