Turning the Tide

I hope you can find a way to feel good about yourself. Then it will be easier to forget about yourself and get on with life.

If you feel bad about yourself, your self is getting in the way. Everything you do gets seen through this self that has all these problems and inadequacies. Every new problem you encounter confirms all the bad ideas you have about yourself and gives you a new reason to feel bad. You may even feel bad for having bad thoughts about yourself. It is not you that is bad, it is the thoughts.

If you notice yourself feeling bad, check to see if you are feeling bad about yourself. Notice if you are imagining problems with yourself. See if you think there is something wrong with you. If you think there is something wrong with you, then you have identified a wrong thought. Get rid of that thought. Remind the thought that you are good. Then get rid of the next thought that tries to diminish you. Bad thought, good you.

When you can see the stream of thoughts that have been undermining your sense of who you are, then you will see that you are not your thoughts. As you pay attention to the thoughts, you can slow the stream, reverse the tide and start to feel good. You will feel good about yourself. As soon as you feel good about yourself, you’ll notice your thoughts are no longer about you. Your thoughts are about thoughts, activities, behaviors, events, adventures, others. With yourself out of the way, you are free to live your life.


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