Which comes first, your internal condition or your external condition? Does what’s happening around you dictate how you feel or does how you feel determine what happens in your world? How you feel has a lot to do with what you do. What you do tends to influence how you feel. When you think about it, it is hard to tell which causes which.

We tend to think that our external condition causes our internal condition. If you walk around barefooted and step on a nail, you will feel great pain and may begin to have fears of tetanus. You are hurt, maybe bleeding and worried that you may develop a horrible disease. The external condition of the nail caused this. That is a natural reaction to the external intrusion into your foot.

The internal condition that created a situation where you were walking around without shoes where nails were and not looking where you were stepping certainly helped to bring about the nail piercing situation. The ongoing problem of the concern about tetanus and the experience of pain is an internal condition that transforms the experience of stepping on a nail into suffering.

Did the external condition of the nail cause your suffering or did the pain and your concern for tetanus cause your suffering? Watch where you step. If you step on a nail and need a booster, you should get a tetanus shot. Enjoy your bare feet. Mind your suffering, unconditionally.


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