Universal Love

If you want to experience Universal Love, look through your own eyes. That is how the universe’s love works through you. If you have not perfected love, don’t worry. Everybody else out there is working on how they love too. Few people have perfected love. 

If you are waiting for love to envelop you and make you feel whole, then you may be waiting some time. It is up to you to express that love. Recognize love as it comes from within you. Love comes from you in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it heals.

You love people, places, pets, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, ideas, and feelings. Even your hate is a form of love. If you find yourself hating something, it is standing in contrast with your love. When you are hating, you are loving how things aren’t.

If you are having difficulty seeing Universal Love through your eyes, forget about your self. If you can detect beauty, that is the world reflecting love. If you notice how you love in all that you do, you will have no problems with love. The universe will find an excellent mirror in you.


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