Waking Up

What’s the big deal about waking up? We do it every day. Is this not miracle enough?  Each night we go to sleep and, if things are going generally well for us, we look forward to that moment. We surrender ourselves to our unconscious world. We dream. Then, if we are still alive, we wake up.

If we are thinking about awakening to a greater consciousness, then going to sleep is a far better analogy for awakening than waking up is. When we wake up in the morning, we begin to resist all over again. We reacquaint ourselves with the tasks and chores of the day. We feel the burdens of our responsibilities. We feel the weight of time upon us all over again. This is reestablishing our delusions, not really awakening.

Going to sleep however, that is really awakening.  We forget our burdens, we comfort ourselves, we cuddle up with the people we love, and we trust in the universe to take care of us while we go unconscious. Complete and total surrender.

So if we really want to awaken, we must be aware when we go to sleep, aware when we wake up, aware when we are awake, and aware when we are dreaming. These are important times for us.


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