Warning: Words

Please don’t read this. These are words, lots of words. They are misleading and confusing. They hang around together, acting like ideas. They enter your head, through your eyes and interact with your constantly changing mind trying to alter how you see the world. They pretend to be true. They are not true. They are words.

Although, these are words and cannot be trusted, these are kind words. When your mind is busy with other words, kind words are a welcome change of pace. They bring some soothing relief to a troubled mind. Engaging words interrupt those thoughts that were buzzing about all the distress in your life. Like putting a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table, kind words can brighten your mind. They evoke feelings of peace and hope, just by showing up in a sentence. They are words though, the peace and hope is something in you, sitting there beneath the stream of words running through your mind.

Words have power. They are like a mental police force defending your idea of the truth. You may be too busy living your truth to notice what your words are doing in your mind or to those around you. They just keep coming, doing their thing. Even as new words bring new ideas to your mind, the old guard is busy defending your truth, picking apart the flawed truth of the new words. Of course the new words are carrying a flawed truth. They are words.

These words are written for people who are being held hostage by their own words. They are arranged to highlight the importance of kindness, peace and hope, which is not contained in words, but beyond them. When you have recognized the source of peace in your life, your words will reflect that and there will be silence.


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