Watch Your Words

Words are the breadcrumb trail we leave behind us to find our way home. We rely on them, but, like Hansel and Gretel discovered, they don’t get you home. When you are looking for the Truth, you have to go beyond words. You have to learn the territory, so that you know your way home, with or without the breadcrumbs.

You cannot live without words. After you learn language, they are how you think. All day long, words, words, words. The words are cagey and run through your head acting just like the voice of God telling you how things are. They make positive statements like it is hot, that is sad, this is impossible, that is good, this stinks.  The words just keep coming telling you how things are. They can lead you deep into the forest and leave you there, where witches dwell.

In order to find your way home, you only need to pay attention to the words running through your mind. You can see the path where you drop the crumbs. This crumb is next to a stone, that one is near a mossy stump, then you will know how to get home after the birds have cleared your trail. The Truth is right next to the words, even if the words are completely wrong.

If the words that habitually blaze trails in your mind have left you in the forest, you can always find your bearings by shutting them down. You can breathe in a big lungful of air, look into the sky, hug your friend and not let any words distract you from your experience. Words will swirl around each experience, the sky is blue, this breath feels good, my friend is amazing, but you are watching them so they don’t lead you away from the moment. You are home.


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