Water and Wave

To live peacefully with your emotions, don’t worry about what you are based on what you feel. You can’t stop feeling happy and sad, but you can stop hoping and fearing that each emotion will last forever.

You are a platform for emotions, an observer of emotions and emotions themselves. If you were a lake and your emotions were waves, no matter how wild your waves get, beneath the surface you are still a calm lake. The surface of the lake responds to the weather. Waves come up when the wind blows and abate when it stops. When the waves agitate the surface, the heart of the lake is at peace. When the wind stops, the lake clearly reflects the stars and the moon.

When you feel your life agitated with emotion, check the wind. Notice your breath and remember the calm at the heart of the lake. See what the waves are doing on the surface. See how your thoughts are the wind. When the wind stops, the waves abate. Don’t worry about what you are. You are the water, the wind and the waves. 


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