Welcoming Anxiety

We welcome good moods naturally. Bad moods are harder. Bad moods are teachers and we have to learn to welcome them so we can learn from them. In order to welcome a mood, you have to separate the mood from the story of the mood. If you feel anxious, you have to welcome anxiety. The unwelcoming attitude is thinking, I am anxious because… The welcoming attitude is thinking, I am fine, wonderful, perfect, but I am feeling anxious now. When you recognize that your anxiety is not going to carry you away, you can lean into it. If you meditate, then meditate with it.  If you don’t meditate, you can still sit and feel where the anxiety sits in your body. You can focus on that place and breathe. If you find yourself thinking about why you are anxious, then recognize your thoughts and return your focus to your feeling of anxiety. You can also do this lying down, or in a bath, or in the car. You will feel your anxiety recede, and you will be left with the understanding that you are fine.

When the anxiety comes back, as it always does, welcome it, and learn from it again.


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