What Am I?

My name is Peter Taylor. I am a Zen master in the Korean Jogye tradition. My Buddhist name is Bub-In. Bub-In means Dharma Seal. Peter means rock.

I studied Zen from a compassionate and dedicated Korean Zen master, Venerable Hwasun Yangil Sunim, who teaches at The Awakened Meditation Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The focus of his teaching is to just practice meditation and mindfulness.

My practice is koan meditation. My koan is “What am I?” My practice is to ask myself, “What am I?” No matter how many answers I find, I continue to ask myself, “What am I? What am I?, What am I?” In sitting meditation, “What am I?” In walking meditation, “What am I?” When I go to sleep at night, “What am I?” When I wake up in the morning, “What am I?”

I write this blog in order to pass on what I learn from Zen, meditation, mindfulness and life to help others transform their suffering and find peace. You don’t have to be Buddhist or know anything about anything to work with your mind. Those things that we think we know often lead to our suffering. As we work with our minds to transcend suffering, we sometimes need to throw out everything we know. We ask ourselves very basic questions about what’s going on around us. If we sense that we are suffering, then we need to know what is suffering and what are we. That’s why we ask ourselves basic questions like, “What am I?”

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  1. Bruce Adair

    Hi Peter

    I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your tumblr posts. I have been reading them for some time, and feel that I get helpful reminders from them. As a result, I have been inspired to resume my meditation practice, which I abandoned a couple of years ago. I was also pleased that you released an e-book, which I purchased today, as it was getting fairly challenging To scroll back over all your earlier posts. The reasonable price is also greatly appreciated!



  2. Charlie Ambler

    Hi Peter,
    I am inspired by your writings here and wondering if you would be interested in contributing to my blog, The Daily Zen. It has a large following and I would be honored to share your teachings with my audience. Let me know what you think.
    Charlie Ambler

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