What and How

The major obstacle in creating the life changes that we need is that we don’t know what to do or how to do it. That feeling is enough to make anybody feel lost and despondent. If we find ourselves feeling lost and despondent then we need to make some life changes, but what, and how?

What needs to change is our thinking. To change our thinking, we need to watch our thinking. If we find ourselves feeling lost and despondent, then we immediately know that our thoughts are wrong. Because we have found ourselves, we are not exactly lost. Having found ourselves and uncovered a wrong thought, we have experienced a fundamental change in our thinking. That change can bring some hope, which breaks up the despondence. Change is happening.

As we continue to watch our thinking and notice wrong thoughts creating feelings of loss and despondency, we will also recognize correct thoughts creating feelings of hope and connectedness. These feelings will lead to correct action which will create the other life changes that we want or need.

Once we have experienced the what and how of changing our thinking, finding ourselves and creating hope, lost and despondent will be lost to us. As our thinking changes, our actions change and our lives change. Watch and grow.


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