What Do You Expect?

Buddha sets the bar pretty low when he says that life is suffering. That’s what you can expect. If you expect to suffer, you will be constantly surprised by joy and pleasures.

When you expect to suffer and then you suffer, it isn’t so horrible because that is just what you were expecting. If you are fortunate enough to suffer only a little bit, you may feel grateful because you were expecting to suffer a lot.

If you expect endless pleasures, then the suffering will really sneak up on you. When you expect only pleasantness and find yourself suffering, you may think something is terribly wrong with you. If you notice that you’re only having a little bit of fun, you may not enjoy it at all because you think that you should be having a lot of fun. In that case, your little bit of fun turns into suffering.

If you expect to suffer, you do not invite suffering, you just recognize it when it happens. You wake up one day and you are sick, so you take a rest and drink some juice. You think that even though you are normally so good to your body, you became sick, just as you knew you would. You try not to worry too much that you were expecting to go to Disney World that day.


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