When Will Life Get Easier?

Life can get easier at any time, or it can get harder. When we are really young, we don’t even know that life can be hard. As soon as life starts to feel hard, we imagine that it will get easier when we get older. When we’re a little older, we can remember that life wasn’t always so easy, but we know that it was a little easier, before we worried about who liked us and who we liked. At that age, we still think that things will get easier when we get older. When we get older, we start to look back fondly on our vague memories of when we were in school and things were easier. We look forward to retirement, when we can relax and enjoy our golden years. When we get to that age, things hurt. We worry about our children and grandchildren and have a cautious eye on death. At that point, we know that life was easy at times and difficult at times, but we imagine that it was easier back when. For life to become easier, you have to know that it can. You have to find some peace with life, death and your sense of self.

If you imagine that you can achieve a circumstance in your life that will make it easier, you can work toward that circumstance. You may be disappointed when you achieve the circumstance and life remains difficult. You can get all kinds of fame and fortune, and in doing so, create all kinds of complicated problems for yourself.

If you want life to be easy, you need to simplify your life. Forget about yourself. Know that you are capable, unique, and wonderful, then forget about yourself. When you stop worrying about you, you are free to see things as they are. If you like somebody, you take pleasure in their company. If something makes you sad, you cry. If you make a mistake, apologize. If you are curious, ask questions. When you learn to see difficult situations and emotions come and go and recognize that you survive intact, you will stop worrying about yourself. When you stop worrying about yourself, life gets easier.


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