Where You Are

Where you are in life is where you need to be. You need to be where you are, because that is where you are. You breathe air because you need to breathe air. When you are a child, you need to be a child. When you are a teenager, you need to be a teenager. When you are an adult, you need to be an adult. As you move through these periods of your life, your understanding of life changes. Your ability to cope changes. Because everything is always changing, it is helpful to develop an appreciation for where you are.

Young children can dance unselfconsciously because they hear music. When they get cranky, they scream and cry and look to their parents for comfort. Older children forget how to dance freely and learn when and where to scream and cry. They find delight in being with other children. Teenagers know how important friends are, but they can forget how to find comfort in their parents. Adults can forget how important friends are and even forget how to scream and cry. They learn to comfort their parents and their children. With all the major changes that life brings, its easy to feel lost and think that you should be somewhere where you are not. That is the perfect time to try to appreciate where you are.

You are where you need to be and you are moving. Soon you will be somewhere else. You will learn some new ways of thinking and you will forget some old ways. As much as you need to learn new ways, you need to forget old ways. You need to do this because that is what will happen anyway. You can scream, cry or dance right from where you are to where you need to be.


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