Why Me?

If you ever get the feeling that you are particularly cursed, that your life circumstances are uniquely and exceptionally challenging, you may cry out to the universe, Why me? That is a good question. It is a good place to start looking into how the world relates to you and how you relate to the world.

The reason that everything in your life happens to you is because it is your life. If it’s not happening to you, it may be happening for you, or with you. Asking the universe to explain itself is a great way to start making sense of things. You don’t need to be in a place of despair to wonder, why me, but if you are feeling desperate, that question can help you get a handle on your difficult feelings.

In that circumstance, why me, is a bold question, because it acknowledges the magnitude of suffering that you are experiencing. Asking the question implies a sense of humility that comes with being utterly bewildered. There is also a sense of compassion and self-worth in the underlying assumption that you deserve something better. Finally, asking, why me, demonstrates bravery as it invites the only answer that the universe can give to such a question, because you.

Because you perceive the situation as you do, it feels as it does. Because you can ask the question, you can handle the answer. Because you are aware, brave, humble, compassionate and worthy, you are able to look at yourself and recognize your basic goodness.

Difficult feelings and circumstances can inspire you to see what you are. When you have weathered the hard times and grown through them, you can better appreciate all the love and light in your life. When great things happen to you, you can still keep yourself grounded by asking, why me?


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