Why Seek Happiness?

Don’t get stuck looking for happiness. Its really a great waste of your time and energy. You might as well seek Bigfoot.  Seriously.  If you went looking for Bigfoot, you would find happiness.  Happiness is like that.  If you are looking for happiness, you are mostly running from sadness, angst, and loneliness.  The trouble is, you’re running in the wrong direction. Also, you’ll never be able to stop.  When you stop, the sadness, loneliness and angst will be there waiting for you.

Nobody has problems finding sadness, angst and loneliness. Nobody looks for them, yet they find you, and engulf you. Happiness can do the same thing. If you stop running, and feel the ugliness, you can relax a bit because you are no longer running. Then, when you are a bit relaxed, you can explore the feelings you are experiencing. They reveal their secrets and teach you things.  You stop thinking of grander and more elaborate ways of generating happiness, and then happiness finds you. It will find creative and fantastic ways to surprise you.  When that happens, you probably won’t bother looking for your sadness.

Go look for Bigfoot. Wander out into the woods and sit quietly and watch. You probably won’t see Bigfoot, but you might feel happy. If you do find Bigfoot, explore your fear.


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