Why You Matter

People experience a lot of stress from imagining that they don’t matter. If you didn’t matter, you would not stress over whether you matter or not. You matter because you suffer. Before you suffered, you didn’t even concern yourself with whether you mattered or not. You knew you mattered. When you got hungry, you knew you needed food. When you got tired you needed sleep. As a baby you understood that you mattered so much that you cried out to let the world know whenever you needed something.

Now, when you feel heavy with all there is to do and what you are supposed to be, you start to wonder about what the point is to all that suffering. All that suffering is there to show you how much you matter. Each time you suffer, you feel for yourself. You feel a connection to the world. You want the suffering to stop because it matters to you that you feel good. It matters when you don’t.

When you can see significance in your suffering, you see the heart of compassion. You can connect with any other human or animal that suffers. You know that you all matter immensely. That brings you comfort and your suffering passes.

When you learn how to stop suffering, then you still matter because you can help others who suffer. They may not know that they matter, but you know, so you can set them straight.


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