Wild Horses

When you are stuck with an unpleasant feeling, your approach to the feeling can make things better or worse. If you approach your feeling without awareness, you get carried away by it, like galloping off on a wild horse. The horse will take you wherever it fancies and you are at its mercy. If you approach your feeling with awareness, you can watch the wild horses dancing in the fields. The horses can do what they please and you can safely observe their antics.

When a wild horse feels a rider on its back, it  will run and buck and try to toss the rider.  With feelings, when you get sucked into them, you will feed them by identifying too closely with them. If you unconsciously identify with anger, you will scream and shout, hit things and people and do all kind of things that may hurt others or yourself. You will get bucked around by the wild horse.

If you approach your feeling with awareness, you can see the feeling for what it is, an emotional response in your mind and body. If you observe the feeling, you can learn from it.  If you are angry, you can experience what anger feels like. If you don’t feed it with repetitive justifications, you can watch it run its course.  A wild horse without a rider will not run and buck frantically.  If it has a big open field, it will just stand there and graze.

If you feel yourself being carried away by a strong emotion, take a deep breath and then exhale.  Dismount your wild horse and set it free in the open field. You will be safe and the horse will become calm. Then, you can behold its magnificence.


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