Trying to help people is a tricky business. Some of the best intentioned people looking to help others come raging into a situation with their helping agenda and end up making the situation worse. If you have a truck to help your friend move, that can be helpful. If your friend doesn’t want to move, loading your truck with their belongings is just burglary. This can happen even with self help. Sometimes the best way to help is to do nothing. Help like a window helps.

A window is nothing. It is a hole in the wall. Yet the light shines through that hole and brings light to the room. This is how meditation works. You sit, doing nothing, and the light shines through you. Your attention is light. When you allow your attention to rest on your thoughts and the feelings that feed on those thoughts, the thoughts will be transformed. When you become a conduit for light, you can help others. You don’t have to do anything to help but allow light into the situation. Put your attention on their problems and let the light do its thing.

If you see a homeless person on the street, you don’t have to give change. You can, but you can also be a window, illuminating the world wherever you go. Change will come.


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