Wishing for Happiness

When you are feeling miserable, there is no point in wishing for your happiness. If you want happiness, wish for happiness for other people. Use your misery to help others feel happy. You will notice that as soon as you stop thinking about yourself, you will start to feel better.

If you are having problems in a relationship, don’t think about how the other person doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t let your thoughts catalogue all the ways you have been wronged. Instead, think about what you appreciate about the other person. Think about what would make them happy.

If you are feeling down, you are likely fixated on yourself. Wishing for your own happiness is often just another way to highlight how unhappy you are. Take a moment to think about three reasons why you are unhappy. Those three reasons will either start with the word I or end with the word me. If you spend your wishes on your friends and loved ones, you will benefit. You deserve happiness. I wish you all the happiness in the universe.


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