Words of Wisdom

Words can only point to wisdom. The truth cannot be spoken or written, it can only be danced around, like a sombrero.  The truth of words also contains the lie of words, the boxing in of a concept that does not fit in a box. The only truth that words convey is the truth of reading and writing, talking and listening and thinking.

The problem with words and language is that words take over our thinking.  We are so good at language that we think in language and the language can get in the way of our actual experience. We start to think things are as they are described.

It is sort of like our infatuation with celebrities.  We see somebody in a movie or on TV and even though that person is a stranger to us, when we see them in real life, we don’t react to them as a stranger. We think they are something more real than real. Movies do that with places too. In the movie Rocky, Sylvester Stalone ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Before that movie, people just walked up those steps.  After the movie, people took pictures of themselves running up those steps and pumping their fists in the air. People were seeing the steps in a different way. The steps became a stage. Another layer of thought was imposed on those steps.

That piling on of concepts is what language does to our experience. Language becomes a scaffolding upon which we build understanding, but there comes a point when we need to step off the scaffold. Words of wisdom are more words than wisdom. If your thoughts are in words, they may obscure your wisdom. You wisdom is always there, playing with words.


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